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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UNTOUCHED blog tour! Guest post + GIVEAWAY!

I am so thrilled to have Jus Accardo, author of the amazing Denazen series, on the blog today! Jus has a novella that released in March from Entangled publishing, titled UNTOUCHED. If you don’t already know, I absolutely adored her first novel (read my review here), and I am stoked for everyone to read this series! Touch, the first novel in the Denazen series, is set to re-release in mass market on June 12th (Complete with additional scenes from Kale’s POV!).

Entangled is going to provide an eBook copy of UNTOUCHED to 1 lucky commenter (or TOUCH if you haven’t read it yet). All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, along with your valid email address. Contest will run through Sunday April 15.

Before Jus takes the floor, here’s some info on UNTOUCHED… 
(Oh, Kale…*SWOON*) 
Until he met Dez, Kale’s days were filled with violence and death. He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen. He’s a Six. A person with an abnormal ability. Some people call them gifts, but not Kale. Kale’s touch means instant death. 

But now there’s Dez, the girl he can touch, and they’re hunting down Sixes and warning them about Denazen. Kale is learning about the world outside captivity and trying to put his dark past behind him. But they underestimated how badly Denazen wanted him back. 

When Dez sacrifices herself to save the new Six they’d rescued from falling into the corp’s hands, Kale is lost. Denazen has brought out its best to get the job done. Samsen, a nightmare from Kale’s past—the only person he’s ever truly feared—has come for them, and it soon becomes obvious he has his own twisted agenda. 

Kale will need all his training to get Dez back and ensure they make it out, free—and alive. But will it be enough?’

My name is Jus and I’m a recovering Wipaholic.
There. I said it.
I know what you’re thinking. You’re obsessed with Winged Irate Pigs? Or, possibly, welding in public? But alas, no… WIP = Work in progress—of which I have over a hundred. Literally.
Some are just a few short sentences and general description. Others range from one chapter to almost twenty. All feed my obsession with WIPs.
Please. I beg you not to judge…
And I know I’m not alone out there. You don’t have to come forward. It’s okay. Just know you’re not alone. There are many of us. Hiding behind our files and skulking beneath the cover of character sheets and outlines. Late into the night we type, bouncing from one project to another, never crossing the finish line.
While I’m not 100% cured, I have learned to manage this problem. I’ve come up with a simple, twelve step program that might help you, too.

WIPaholics Twelve Step Program

We admit we are powerless against our WIPs—that they hold our muse—and our hard drives hostage.
We believe something greater than ourselves—the revision process and editing that comes with it—can and will restore our sanity.
We have made the choice to give our lives over to the care of our Muse.
We will cease extensively researching and move forward with the revision process so that our WIP will one day grace the desk of our dream agent.
We have admitted to ourselves, and our fellow writers, our flaws—and will make a conscious effort not to indulge our WIP obsession until we have made at least one submission.
We acknowledge that we are ready to move forward and tackle our enormous pile of WIPs—by focusing on them one at a time.
We offer chocolate, caffeine, and other indulgent gifts to our muse in exchange for urging us onward toward our publication goal.
We have made a list of the WIPs being neglecting, and are now willing to make amends.
We will continue to move forward with our neglected WIPs, admitting freely when the urge to start another surfaces.
We will, through chocolate and coffee, improve our relationship with our muse, begging for her/his knowledge and guidance.
We will not make excuses.
We will, having had an awakening of epic proportions due to these steps, go forth and spread this message to all other WIPaholics.

The next full length novel in the Denazen series is set to release in September 2012. Here’s the AWESOME cover! (This is pretty dang close to how I’ve always pictured Deznee.)

Jus Accardo is the author of YA paranormal romance and urban fantasy fiction. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald. When not writing, Jus can be found volunteering at the local animal shelter or indulging her passion for food. After being accepted to the Culinary Institute of America, she passed on the spot to pursue a career in writing and has never looked back. As far as she’s concerned, she has the coolest job on earth—making stuff up for a living.

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