The Violet Hour: December 9, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Release by M.R. Merrick is out NOW!

THAT’S RIGHT! You read correctly. Release, the third book in the Protector series, is out for your sweet little eyes to devour!

It actually released last night on Amazon. You wanna know how long it took me to purchase it upon discovering that? TEN SECONDS. Yep. Long enough to read Matt’s FB post about it, click the link, wait impatiently for the screen to load and click ‘deliver to my Kindle’. Gotta love instant gratification, right?

SOOO if you’re already a fan of this series, what are you waiting for?! GO GET IT! I’ll make it easy for you. Click right here and it’ll take you to the Release Amazon purchase page.

If you’re looking for a new, amazing, ridiculously addictive fantasy series to start, here are my reviews for Exiled and Shift. I’m even going to post some blurbs from my reviews… THAT’S how excited I am! Pick them up here to get started!

“EXILED is a masterpiece of a debut from author M.R. Merrick. Fully engrossed by the end of the first chapter, I didn’t want to do anything else but keep reading. It is very rare for me to become so attached to a story. During the times I couldn’t read, it stayed in my thoughts and I couldn’t wait to pick it back up. This book is easily one of my top favorite reads of the year.” 

SHIFT…”Chase’s powers are growing, and once he gains full control, he will be a force to be reckoned with. I really have no idea where Merrick is going to go with this. I just know that I absolutely want to be along for the ride. I am standing by my original recommendation of the Protector series to anyone who loves a good fantasy thrill.”

Pick them up here to get started!

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