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Monday, February 18, 2013

Notice anything different? ­čśë

HEY GUYS! Nice to see you again! I hope you’re all doing well. 
So a few weeks ago I asked the talented Evie if she would create a new header for me. I’d had the old one since The Violet Hour began, and with all the new changes in my life, I felt like it needed something really snazzy. SHE’S AMAZING! I sent her my idea, and she totally knocked it out of the park!
I’m going to try my best to start posting reviews again, but my style is going to change. Gone are the days where I could spend an hour writing a review, searching my soul for the perfect words in a long review. HA! That’s not really conducive to having a six month old daughter ­čśë So I will be rockin’ the mini-reviews. Still my honest, blunt and heartfelt opinion on a book, just a shorter version. 
I am going to be participating in the Mundie Moms Clockwork Prince read-a-long to get ready for the Clockwork Princess release! I had actually planned to reread both Clockwork Angel and CP, so I may be a day or two behind, but I’ll catch up quickly. Wanna join us? Click this link to go to the sign up page. There’s also a pretty freaking awesome giveaway happening, as well!
So what do you think of our new look? I’m pretty much IN LOVE! It’s perfect and was exactly what I was after. Thank you so much, Evie!! =)
Does your blog need a facelift?! Check out Evie’s new blog design page and get fabulous!


Rachael said…

Love the new look!

Kate Midnight Book Girl said…

The new look is awesome!! And bring on the mini-reviews!

Marla said…

Absolutely adorable! It's great to see you back, lady. Is your little lady sporting red hair like your new banner suggests?

Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea said…

It looks fab!! ­čÖé Evie did a great job as always!

Angeline Kace said…

Linz!! I LOVE the new look!! It turned out so freakin' cute!!! Love, love, LOVE!!

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